talent intermediary service agencies

Municipal Organization Department to carry out the deployment of personnel work, "a county brand" create activities to promote around talent development to speed up the formation of the characteristics and advantages. And through the city and county joint front helping, providing policy and operational guidance, to jointly promote the brand created by the relevant municipal units. Counties (cities) and districts attaches great importance to, and thus create a number of county personnel work featured brands to promote the overall innovation breakthrough talent working. Created around the brand as an opportunity to also explore innovative talent institutional mechanisms, the formation of a number of talent worth learning experience. Cixi City in the implementation process of entrepreneurial services platform to create "Conch House" entrepreneurial secretary, business mentor, entrepreneurial brokers create "service experience, Zhenhai create the overseas talent regression Xiongzhen" plan built the Zhenhai nationals overseas talent library of classified information, Beilun District, in the practice of the introduction of overseas engineers explore overseas engineers "introduction and project cooperation mode approach, overall innovative breakthrough for the city's human resources work experience support and a typical demonstration. "County brand to create activities to create a competition for talent around the characteristics and advantages. The transformation and upgrading service around the goal, formulated talent introduction, 16 of the platform for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, the development of human resources services industry, personnel housing security policy. . Yuyao City of entrepreneurial talent overseas to give up to 500 million venture funds to support 500 million venture seed capital and business support 500 million interest payments on loans, "thousands of people plan" expert on national, provincial, were given 200 million 100 yuan reward, settled in the project led by the 12 countries have "thousands of people plan" talent. Jiangdong District, in cooperation with the City Human IESS build the province's first Human Resources Services Industrial Park "Eight Horses" talent Plaza, on the basis of a maximum of $ 100,000 referral reward given talent agency, introduced to encourage a well-known human resource services into in policy, thereby gathering more than 40 high-end talent intermediary service agencies. County a brand "create activities around the building a distinctive high-end entrepreneurship and innovation, Cooperative talent development and carrier platform 40 to enhance the carrying capacity of entrepreneurship and innovation. Jiangbei District to invest 100 million yuan building "Zhejiang Jiangbei R & D personnel Park in cooperation with Zhejiang University, will be built in five research institutes, 20 R & D centers, has built 20,000 square meters of research and development platform, the introduction of high-end R & D team of 13. Xiangshan County innovation platform construction, marine ranch accelerate the completion of the National Shellfish scientists workstation base 2. 2.5 km2 Ninghai around to create a mold talent Heights brand, planning the establishment of the the mold industrial park, build industrial base mold.