the city will increase the amount of small loans

This government foot the bill for a third-party service students in the form of entrepreneurship, future development will also provide a deeper level of entrepreneurship. Such as students start their own business often encountered in the wage system, performance system, financial management, satisfied enabling conditions will get the services of third-party professional organizations. Future focus on the development of entrepreneurial service system Students Pioneer Park, small secured interest subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, entrepreneurial education system increasingly improved policy environment, the city in the future will focus on the development of Government Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center City college graduation graduate employment entrepreneurial guidance Minister Liu Jianhua revealed buy services, to help students start. "The benefits of doing so is that college students can maintain operational autonomy while reducing the burden on business management, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship," Liu Jianhua also revealed that next year the city will further improve the entrepreneurial loan amount, the relevant documents to complete the proposed the preliminary estimate of the formal introduction of the new venture loan amount at the end of this year or in 2013. . Forum, the reporter heard the good news: In the future, the city will increase the amount of small loans, focusing on the development of entrepreneurial service system. Currently, the city has been successfully tried in Haishu, Jiangdong, Yinzhou, the national high-tech zones and other places the agency business registration services, as long as the students start to provide relevant information, procedures conducted by the Agency to handle.