the lack of operating experience

James Lin, the master, the e-commerce professional to run the e-commerce company, to get college finance, accounting teacher business support; Lei Shi Bin, Institute for Tourism Studies, set up travel agencies, to get institutions tourist business support; Shenghua Jie, health inspection and quarantine professional, investment 100 million open detection company to obtain the support of the school laboratory ... . Financing, Kobayashi thought. But the contact time and the venture capital firm, and the other did not fancy his project, which makes him very frustrated. Kobayashi said his best hope for now is to have a solution to the funding, the company's business development. The reporter found that the presence of college students to entrepreneurial success boss who has one thing in common: the founder of the company, relying on the university's academic, teacher and student resources to carry out business from the professional. Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Career Guidance and Service Center, deputy director Liao Haipeng said, people wanted to entrepreneurship in school or graduating without the case of other resources, most rely on the resources of the professional and the school where they learn. Kobayashi, the development of the company, although plagued by money, college students venture survival, he was successful. At the forum, the capital into entrepreneurial college students facing a common problem. Business management at the same time, the lack of operating experience, narrow business has also become the main factors affecting the entrepreneurial survival. Successful entrepreneurs have in common: the professional relying Students start process, Liao Haipeng hope the government and universities to attach importance to small loans, business projects, management guidance and support.